2017 Masters Division Waiver of Players

Aloha Everyone,
We are excited to be sponsoring our 60th Annual Haili Volleyball tournament and have been

encouraging many of the participants that played in past Haili’s to come back and play in the master’s division. For this milestone tournament we are allowing players to be able to play in one division and also the masters division as long as the following criteria are met:

  • All participants on both teams are from the same club
  • All participants in the masters division are age eligible
  • If there is a conflict in scheduling they would have to choose which division is moreimportant for them, we will not delay any game to accommodate this dual participation If you have any interest in this dual participation or have any questions please email me at lyndylindsey@gmail.com.

    If you played in any of the first 10 Haili Mens Tournaments and will be at the 60th Haili Volleyball Tournament, please make sure you come by the main desk at the Civic, we would love to see you!


    Lyndell K. Lindsey Tournament Co-Director

2017 Haili Tournament (Update)

Haili Volleyball Tournament
c/o Lyndell K. Lindsey
131 Manulele St.
Hilo, HI  96720
Ph. (808) 961-3633


Aloha Everyone,

Not so long ago I remember celebrating our 50th Annual Haili Volleyball Tournament and here it 10 years later.  It amazes me how fast the time goes by.  We are excited to know that we have persevered in keeping this family tradition alive for 60 years. We hope that you plan to come and celebrate this accomplishment with us .  Save the dates March 27 – Apr. 1, 2017.

For those of you who haven’t played in a while and would like to be a part of this celebration we would love to have you here enjoying, reminiscing and sharing all the wonderful memories of times past.  Please contact me at hailitournament@gmail.com or call 896-3358.

Applications will be ready in October.  If you were on my mailing list last year or if you contacted me via email, I will automatically send the application to you.  If you do not receive one you may either go to hailivolleyball.com, leaguelineup.com/mokuokeawe, aloharegion.com. or email me directly at lyndylindsey@gmail.com.

I hope everyone is gearing up and preparing to attend next year’s tournament.  We anticipate another wonderful year of fun, fellowship and great competition especially as we celebrate our 60th Annual Haili Tournament. We look forward to seeing you next year in March.

Lyndell Lindsey/Sweetie Osorio



2017 Haili App_31016_r2-1-1-1

2016 Haili Tournament Schedule

Aloha everyone,

I know everyone is anxious to know what the schedule is.  I was going to have it formatted but because of the lateness of time I am sending it out as is.  

Many of you have not turned in rosters or updated rosters with certified referees and scorekeepers.  I emailed you earlier.  I need it no later than Wednesday.  Remember, you need at least 2 certified referees and 2 certified scorekeepers.  If not, you may pay someone $25 to do it for you.

If you didn’t turn in the preorder t-shirt form yet, put it in the mail by tomorrow and we will accept it.

Haili is right around the corner.  I will see you all soon.  


 2016 POOLS

2016 GRID MASTER-rev. 3-19



PRE-ORDER DEADLINE: Sunday, March 13, 2016

SEND FORM & PAYMENT TO: Haili Volleyball Tournament, 29 Pohai St. Hilo, Hi 96720


2016 Haili Volleyball Tournament

Here is the application for this coming Haili Tournament which will be held from Mar. 21-26, 2016.  Deadline is Feb. 6th.  Anything after that will be charged a late fee so get it in by the deadline.
I am excited because the DOE Spring Break is during Haili.  I hope to see more Junior teams participate.
Haili Tournament and Merry Monarch are back to back again so don’t procrastinate on making your air, car and hotel arrangements.  Get it done early if you are highly considering entering.
If you have any questions you may either contact me here or at my new email address:  lyndylindsey@gmail.com.
Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!  Hope to see you all next year.