Aloha Everyone,
We are excited to be sponsoring our 60th Annual Haili Volleyball tournament and have been

encouraging many of the participants that played in past Haili’s to come back and play in the master’s division. For this milestone tournament we are allowing players to be able to play in one division and also the masters division as long as the following criteria are met:

  • All participants on both teams are from the same club
  • All participants in the masters division are age eligible
  • If there is a conflict in scheduling they would have to choose which division is moreimportant for them, we will not delay any game to accommodate this dual participation If you have any interest in this dual participation or have any questions please email me at

    If you played in any of the first 10 Haili Mens Tournaments and will be at the 60th Haili Volleyball Tournament, please make sure you come by the main desk at the Civic, we would love to see you!


    Lyndell K. Lindsey Tournament Co-Director

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