2017 Haili Rules and Format


         Round Robin

  • All games rally-scored; 1st to 25 points starting at 0; 8 minutes stop-time; 12 team substitution
  • 2 time-outs per game; 5 minute warm-up together (adults); Jrs. will do a 3 minute warm-up individually.
  • Should a pool be short a team, the other 3 teams will play each other 3 sets each to 25 points.

2017 MSTR SCHD_POOLS _14Mar17_v4

Tie Breaker

Two-way tie it will be head-to-head first. If it is still a tie then it will be according to the priority                                      system as listed below.

If it is more than two teams – position assignment shall be determined by the priority system listed                                               below based on point differential.

  1. Results of the match between the tied teams, first on the won-lost record, and second on                                                        the point spread. If still tied, then;
  2. Comparison of the point differential based on the total round robin competition. Point                                                       differential should be determined by subtracting the total points lost from the total points                                              won. The highest plus or the lowest minus remainder should be considered the superior                                          team for tie- breaking purposes. If still tied, then;
  3. 1 set to 25

         Single Elimination

  • Top 2 teams from each pool based on won/loss record; Best of 3 games will win the match
  • If it is pools of 4, top 2 from each pool will go into a championship bracket and bottom 2 will go into a consolation bracket
  • All games rally-scored; 25 points, deuce, no cap; 8 minutes stop-time; 12 team substitutions
  • 2 time-outs per game; 5 minute warm-up together (adults); Jrs. will do a 3 minute warm-up individually.
  • Deciding game will be played to 15 points, deuce, no cap

Double Elimination

Everyone pulls out of their pools

Format same as Single Elimination

Championship Matches

All matches will be played without time

Liberos (2)

May have two liberos; If have two liberos from the start you may not change for the rest of the match.

If only one designated on first set you may change for the next set but only have one libero.

Teams are not required to use liberos

Must be in a different color uniform with a number and contrasting to the other players

Libero can serve.

                   Both liberos cannot be on the court at the same time.

                   A libero may be a captain


                   May consist of 12 players but no more than 15 players.


Numbers centered front (4” – 6”) and back (6” – 8”)

Legal numbers from 1-99

Contrast in color to uniform

Shirt and shorts must be uniform with the exception of the libero

Shorts must be same color, style and length (either above the knee or below; only thing different may be the logo but it cannot be more than 2” in diameter.  We will allow the team logos to be on the uniform top. 

         Cannot have some in shorts and some in tights.  Must be either or unless you have a doctor’s note.  Any exemptions needs to have a doctor’s note and must be presented to the tournament desk for approval prior to first match.  Once play starts we will not make give any exemptions.

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