2016 Haili Tournament Schedule

Aloha everyone,

I know everyone is anxious to know what the schedule is.  I was going to have it formatted but because of the lateness of time I am sending it out as is.  

Many of you have not turned in rosters or updated rosters with certified referees and scorekeepers.  I emailed you earlier.  I need it no later than Wednesday.  Remember, you need at least 2 certified referees and 2 certified scorekeepers.  If not, you may pay someone $25 to do it for you.

If you didn’t turn in the preorder t-shirt form yet, put it in the mail by tomorrow and we will accept it.

Haili is right around the corner.  I will see you all soon.  


 2016 POOLS

2016 GRID MASTER-rev. 3-19

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